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Kampung Jawa Sekatul Kendal Central Java Indonesia

I write this blog, giving more information specially for Kampoeng Djawa Sekatul, Kendal, ( old spelled of Kampung Jawa ), Central Java.  Its because when I browsing search with keyword Kampung Jawa Sekatul, their web couldn't show up. So this for added info for them who wants to visit there.
The poin is, I make this blog, for more opinion of this place, and see the picture so they can visit and stay there.
Hopefully you can know a lot from this information .

KAMPOENG DJAWA SEKATUL ( also says Kampung Jawa Sekatul ) Agro Vacation Trip with Java atsmophere

Kampoeng Djawa Sekatul is an 10 ha interesting place with java atmosphere, located in hillside of Mount Ungaran, Margosari Village, Limbangan Subdistrict Pan of Kendal Regency, Central Java, Indonesia ( Kecamatan Limbangan, Kabupaten Kendal, Jawa Tengah Indonesia) . It’s about 29 km West South direction from Semarang.

Sekatul land can reach from Boja village ( 1 hour from Semarang, Central Java ) or Gunungpati Unes, Ungaran. If you leave from Semarang, you go to Westside of Tugu Muda Monument, then to Kalibanteng, Jrakah, turn left to Boja, pass the Bukit Semarang Baru ( BSB real estate area ) , Mijen traditional market, pertigaan dari arah Gunungpati and Sekatul, and Cangkiran bus terminal. Straigt on until you find pertigaan again, that from Gonoharjo , then you turn right and Kampoeng Djawa is in the left side. Road in this route more comfortable than leaving from Kaliwungu , because the road now has been widen ( dilebarkan ) 

We can enjoy so many catch eye beautiful panorama here, such as clear air, rivers, sawah ( padi’s farm land ), natural place with various plants ( vanilli and strawberry and herbal, fruit and flower plants) , fishing area ( empang ), camping ground, open air rest-place. Outbound facilities ( hiking, high rope, flying fox, swamp and water game etc), swimming pool, restaurant, gazebo and rooms for stayed ( kind of Joglo houses, with Java architecture, about Rp.50.000/night/person ) are also wait for your unforgettable adventure. This outbound activities, one team ( more than 3 person ) can pay about Rp.150.000,- for one outbound package. 

Gazebo in this place has a Java name , such as Pondok Menthik, Pondo Pari Gogo, Pondok Pari Lumbu, Pondok Pari Utri , Pondok Pari Cempo. All name are something like rice species name in Java Indonesia.
For Moslems not to be worried, because there are so many surau ( place for pray shallat ) and clean toilette 

Sekatul has a religious history in the past time, as a transit place for Sultan Agung Hanyokrokusumo ( one of a famous hero from Java ) and his people when attact Batavia. In Java myths, Sekatul land categorized a Sabuk Banyu Land ( magic land – tanah bertuah ) . In gold period of Wangsa Sanjaya had ever used as a land of pesanggrahan when built Candi Prumasan in Medini area, which then continued with making Candi Gedongsongo in Ungaran. 
This land was sacred by people who lived there, even some people said that this land is belong to Keraton Yogyakarta ( one of Kasultanan in Java ). Nobody took or stole wood from its forest, this make forest there still in woody originally.

And then in 2005, Sekatul land was developed by KPH Herry Djojonagoro, as Kampung with Java atsmophere. ( so this place was named Kampung Jawa ). In this land , Heri Istiyanto ( wood carving business man from Solo, Central Java ), was built by all of element of Javaneese life, complete with gent home ( omah lanang ), gamelan ( Java music ), pets for klangenan which more miths ( buffaloes ) and keeping a few Java pusaka

Joglo house here was really from Java land, and all of them have memories for more thand 100 years. Each joglo has a name, such as Dalem Joyokusumo, Dalem Bagan ( bring from Pati, Central Java) , Pesanggrahan Joglo Bono Keling. Konon Joglo Bono Keling and Dalem Bagan was built just with axe ( in Java : pethel ). In next project there will be Dalem Saridin, joglo from heredity of Sunan Kalijaga ( Islam messenger in Java land ) 
In rooms for stayed, you cannot find master bed or superior bed like in hotels, but you just find dipan ( bed from ordinary wood) with thin kapuk matras . No tv and electric warehouse in rooms. Pecel ( vegetable with peanut ), fish grilled, salad, pepes udang, are kind of food you can eat, with Javanese taste. All just willing to make you having natural life.

Further informartion contact :
Elly, +62-8157777500
Evy, +62-24-70190799 

Here more than 50 pictures of Kampoeng Djawa Sekatul ( Kampung Jawa Sekatul )